Love Transforming Community (LTC)

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Who We Are

We are Christian community developers who honor the privilege of entering into community with those in our local neighborhood.

We engage:

  • Through mentoring
  • Through parental involvement

Our focus is to be a resource for local schools by addressing the educational and recreational needs of students. Our goals are to strengthen support for students and their families. We provide student mentoring, programs to help with life skills, student leadership development, and parent education. The organization will continue to develop partnerships of advocacy and collaboration with existing programs and organizations that are doing similar work in our community. Our desire is for our God-given purpose to be awakened in us and our community so that we will know and experience the truth that we are made in the image of God to create and do good for community transformation.

Meet Our Team

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Principles Of Our Work


Serving and equipping Families in under resourced and immigrant neighborhoods for community transformation characterized by God's love.


A flourishing community with strengthened resources for youth and family growth.

Youth Initiave : Love To Learn

Developing and mentoring youth through skill/Character building workshops and out-school courses that adds relevance

and meaning to learning for students. And instilling life values through recreational programs. One-on-one coaching for students and families with behavioral and academic challenges

Parent Engagement

A safe-haven for parents to find a supportive community and engage in effective ways to impact their children's education and well-being.