Programs and Activates

TRIAL COURT - Chris Diorio, Esq

Far too many people have their lives affected by our legal process, but wouldn’t it be great to know how it works? In “Trial Court”, we’ll take you through the process, from an arrest all the way up to a trial, and you’ll be part of every step in that process. You’ll learn about investigation, how to present evidence, how to give an opening argument, how to question witnesses on BOTH sides of the case, and how to give that big closing argument that may win the case LIVE in front of a jury. You’ll also learn how the Bill Of Rights (from “Constitutional Kids”) is an important and essential part of EVERYTHING in our court system! Come along for the ride, whether you are a future lawyer or just someone who wants to be more informed

CREATIVE LENS - Thomas Snelling

Don’t just take photos, create photos! With your creative lens on, you will learn the art of composition: how to pay close attention to the shapes in the world around you, in order to make beautiful and creative photographs. You will then learn how to turn your photo images into an animation video or edit your own video and save it as a movie file or upload it on YouTube


The Renaissance era was a dynamic and exciting time around the world! In this course, we will focus on artistic practices of the Italian Renaissance with the later Harlem Renaissance, examining the great masters to the lesser known artists. We will look at various images and discuss the shifting styles in the context of shifting worldviews related to culture, music, and religion. We will then work on CREATING our very own art pieces related to the artists and styles of the renaissance era; reflecting the vibrant cultural difference between Italy and Harlem.
No prior knowledge or experience of drawing and painting skills is required.

COMMUNITY ECONOMICS/ Greater Brockton Cooperative Cultivators

Join us as we dive into what it looks like to create, develop and execute your own business ideas. We’ll dive into business ownership as it relates to alternative ways to building power through community and group economics. Most importantly, we will imagine how you can help create a brighter future! See you there!


There have probably been times around the house, listening to your parents and other adults talking about how someone was denied their rights. What does that mean? What are they talking about? What are these rights? Where do they come from? And most importantly, how do they apply to you as students and children? In Constitutional Kids, we want you to join us on a whirlwind tour of our constitution and bill of rights, learn what they say, learn how the system works, and learn what your rights are and what they aren’t. The right to free speech, the righto practice or not practice or religion, your right to protest and so much more. We’ll have discussions in groups. There’ll be multiple activities relating to the discussions and the chance to debate against other members of your class, one-on-one, regarding the big issues of the law; just like you’re in the United States Supreme Court.


Want to travel the world and explore a new culture this summer? Nontactical travel of course; but during the next 5 weeks, we are going to take virtual trip to Spain.
We will learn about Spanish culture through fun crafts, cooking, language, customs, music and even dancing the traditional Spanish Dance of Flamenco. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and cultural competence that will turn you into a true citizen of the world.

GETTING ON TRACK - Marissa Cutts

Have you ever lost your homework, or maybe forgot it at home? Have you ever missed assignments and felt overwhelmed? Do you want to have fun and still get good grades? In “Getting on Track” we’ll talk about the simple and easy ways we can all be more organized and feel less stressed about not having everything together. These skills apply to school AND home. We will learn how to manage our time, keep things organized, and feel more confident as a result of some simple tools and tricks.

PAGE MASTERS - Shoshanna Wilson

Storytelling is all around us; from the anime, movies, & commercials we watch; to the essays and books we write and read. In this course, you will learn the building blocks of storytelling; by examining relevant stories in culture and begin to understand how stories are told & how they are made. Through group-led activities and creative writing prompts, you will learn how to write and tell engaging and entertaining stories as well as strengthen your word choice (adjectives, descriptive verbs, etc.)

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